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Alison Andrews, LMFT

Listen, BMI is bullshit. The negativity of diet culture knows no bounds. Most of us have spent a lifetime absorbing myths that have distorted our views of food, movement and our bodies. If you are looking to make peace with your body and with food Alison Andrews, MFT, LMFT offers one one one sessions as well as group therapy and two-day workshops to help you get started on your journey toward body acceptance and self love. Alison is trained in Intuitive Eating and has 10+ years of experience helping clients move past patterns of disordered eating. She is passionate about dispelling the seemingly unending myths of diet culture. Working with Alison will help you learn how to: 

  • Identify cyclical patterns you may not even be aware of that are a result of growing up in diet culture

  • Understand the brain science of emotional regulation as related to food (i.e. eating in response to emotions, dieting backlash, using food to cope with emotions)

  • Explore how your family of origin has impacted your perception of food, movement and your body

  • Discover the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and understand how what we think about food impacts how we feel about our bodies

  • Explore the role of guilt and shame, and the impact on feelings of fullness and satisfaction

  • Learn how to become more connected to your body and how to feed it accordingly

  • Learn to identify aspects of "diet culture" you may have absorbed without even realizing it




If it weren't for diet culture, 'intuitive eating' would just be called 'eating'". -Kristen Ackerman

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