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It is incredibly important to find a therapist that is the right fit for you. If you think we might be a good fit reach out!

    Andrea Eriks, LMHC, NCC, EMDR

    Andrea specializes in trauma, attachment, systems, and sexology with adult individuals and couples. Clients can expect therapy to be thoughtful and structured in a way that helps the client understand relationships, personal experiences, attachment style and how each of those concepts impact and intersect with the sense of self. In therapy the client works to identify these elements, the client can then expect to gain resources to help identify problematic patterns or symptoms (anxiety, depression, traumatic triggers, problematic relationship patterns) when they show up, grow awareness of the behavior, and build new resources to better navigate situations and develop healthier coping mechanisms and lifestyle habits. This can help in intimate partnerships, parent-child relationships, friendships, community relationships and more. Clients gain both self-awareness and resources for personal growth. 

    Clients can expect to be met exactly where they are without judgment. Andrea is committed to listening intentionally and skillfully. Sessions will be structured in a way that help identify areas of disconnect while utilizing clinically proven therapeutic techniques to establish positive, constructive, creative, and thoughtful ways to heal trauma, identify and rectify negative and/or disconnecting patterns, and establish healthy ways to reconnect with and better understand self, intimate partner, family, and greater community.

    Andrea is formally trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy; This process proves to be highly effective in processing traumatic events.

    Andrea is educated in Clinical Sexology. In her time as a therapist, Andrea has noticed there is a high need for therapists who are educated specifically in the realm of sexuality. Though many individuals and couples desire to work on and navigate intimacy and other factors of sexuality impacting their life, many find their therapist does not have the knowledge base or the comfort level to help with this. Andrea works with individuals, couples, and families all across the spectrum of sexuality to help  navigate such issues as  individual understanding of sexual-self-development through the lifespan, infidelity, problematic pornography use, helping parents navigate developmental sexuality through their child's lifespan, sexual trauma, sexual pain problems, penile problems, and much more. 

    While Andrea occasionally has availability for traditional weekly or bi-weekly therapy, she also offers accelerated sessions which can often be a much better fit and more conducive to clients' goals and desired outcomes. 

    Is Accelerated Sex Therapy Right for Me/Us? 

    Have you and your partner come to a sexuality impasse? 

    Are you and your partner sexually "mismatched"?

    Do you have a sexual trauma that prevents you from feeling safe and willing to be sexually open and/or connected with your partner? 

    Have you and your partner grown sexually distant making connection difficult? 

    Are one or both of you exploring your sexuality in new ways and trying to determine how that fits within monogamy? 

    Are you or your partner struggling or in conflict over an area of sexuality such as problematic pornography use or other sexual fetishes? 

    These questions among other sexuality related topics can often be navigated in AST.

    Individuals and couples alike often have many questions about sexuality. Many don't even know where to start or how to talk about it. An accelerated sex therapy session is a space designed to help individuals fast-track that process, develop a plan, and strategize the execution to accomplish the goals. These sessions help individuals and couples alike put definitions to experiences, actionable steps to differences, and offer steps and resources to that which may currently feel helpless. Based on the need of the client, AST sessions are either 3, 4, or 7 hours in one day with a 2 hour follow up session a few weeks later. 

    Is Accelerated Couples Therapy Right for us?

    Are you and your partner caught in a repetitive conflict that seemingly has no resolution but takes up a lot of relationship energy?

    Are you and your partner on the verge of calling it quits but can't seem to walk away?

    Do you and your partner have many positive qualities as a couple but there is some sort of lingering distance or difference getting in the way of an otherwise healthy and good relationship? 

    Have you and your partner tried couples therapy in the past but still can't seem to resolve or make meaning an element of the relationship? 

    Perhaps you keep looping in the same issue because you cannot get to the root of the issue and identify palpable options in traditional therapy. Accelerated couples therapy is an intentional commitment for the relationship to get to work. Instead of asking "How is couples therapy working for me?" Couples who choose accelerated are posed with "What's the work we need to do?" The skill of the therapist identifies that and comes up with a pointed game plan to "get there" and points out in reality whether or not both members of the relationship are willing to do that work. 

    Cost for AST:

    3 hour - 550

    4 hour - 700

    7 hour - 1300


    Reach Out!


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