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LENS Neurofeedback

A Stand-Alone Solution for Neurological Symptom Reduction or Resolution

LENS Treatment in South Bend, Indiana

What is LENS?

LENS is a unique form of Neurofeedback (or brainwave optimization) utilized in targeting brainwave frequency patterns unique to each client. The sensors placed on the head generate a real time EEG reading of  brainwaves and mirror those back to the brain resulting in the reduction, and sometimes, the resolution of problematic neurological symptoms.  

LENS is an effective resource for minimizing symptoms associated with ADHD, brain fog, PTSD, depressive moods, anxious thoughts/experiences, and much more.

CLICK HERE for an extensive list of problematic symptoms LENS can help with

What to Expect

A typical LENS session is going to last approximately 15 minutes. Unlike traditional Neurofeedback, LENS sessions are short and duration while clients are still able to experience positive results. This works well for individuals (both adult and children) who struggle to sit still for longer periods of time.


The amount of sessions any one individual needs is completely dependent on the individual. A client should anticipate a minimum of 10 sessions, the first 4-6 sessions will be done weekly, and upon check-in/consultation, it will then be determined if the client can go biweekly. Clients should anticipate 20-30 sessions as that tends to be the norm. 


Clients will scale symptoms throughout the process and will do check-ins regularly with the LENS practitioner to determine the efficacy of the program for the individual.  

LENS Treatment in South Bend, Indiana
LENS Treatment in South Bend, Indiana


Introductory Package

Our LENS system has been speaking for itself. Clients have universally given feedback that this modality has been significant in helping with symptom reduction. In order to help clients who are on the fence about neurofeedback, we will offer a one per new customer introductory package. Clients can get 5 neurofeedback sessions for $150. This allows clients to understand how LENS works and and also allows clients to experience the benefits personally.

$50 - One Single 15 minute session

$400 - Prepaid 10 Sessions (15 minute sessions - $100 discount)

$700 - Prepaid 20 (15 minute sessions - $300 discount)

If the LENS practitioner believes a client may need a longer LENS session or if the client desires to do a longer LENS session, that conversation will take place prior to ensure both parties are in agreement to extend the session beyond 15 minutes.


To get started with your LENS Neurofeedback, Please Reach out by phone or email: 


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