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Anthony Troyer counslor in South Bend, Indiana with The Cottage at 933


It is incredibly important to find a therapist that is the right fit for you. If you think we might be a good fit reach out!

Anthony Troyer, MHC

For parents looking for a therapeutic intervention for children, Anthony will be a good fit. Helpful questions to determine if Anthony could help you:

- Is your child struggling behaviorally at school?

- Has your child been exposed to an adverse childhood experience that is impacting their ability to cope and/or regulate big emotions? 

- Does your child struggle with day to day tasks and listening to instruction from adult figures?

- Is your child struggling to emotionally connect/engage in relationships with close attachment figures?

-Are you and your child struggling to find an effective way of communicating and attuning?

- Does your child "melt down"  in a way that leaves the family "exhausted"? 

Anthony's passion in therapy is to work with children and their dominant attachment figures who are struggling with overall connection, communication, and healing attachment trauma. Anthony is trained and specializes in a therapy technique known as Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). TBRI is an effective therapy model that engages children and their dominant attachment figures (parents, foster parents, grandparents, adoptive parents and the like) to establish better connection, communication, and understanding of the needs of both the child and family system as a whole. Rather than starting from a behavioral mindset, Anthony works to understand a child's behaviors from the inside out. He utilizes TBRI to help children better understand their needs and how that works in alignment with boundaries, appropriate discipline or redirection, and overall communication and emotional regulation. Anthony engages dominant attachment figures in therapy as he believes the family unit serves as the greatest resource/therapy for the child. If you believe Anthony could help your child/family, please connect today.

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