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Melissa Lentine, LCSW EMDR trained therapist with The Cottage at 933 in South Bend, Indiana


It is incredibly important to find a therapist that is the right fit for you. If you think we might be a good fit reach out!

    Melissa Lentine, LCSW

    In my own journey towards healing I have found that willpower and determination sometimes aren’t enough. We all have an unconscious, emotionally reactive brain that can sabotage us. We get stuck our journeys and we struggle to make the changes we know we “should” be making. This is what makes having a therapist so very helpful. I would be delighted to walk alongside you as you seek to make changes in your own life.

    In practice, I utilize EMDR and other therapeutic strategies to help transform and reorient subconscious parts toward becoming inner allies for our higher selves.  I am honored to offer these powerful tools that have the power to transform grief, destructive relationship patterns, anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs toward creating a life in deeper alignment with your higher self. I am most recognized for my skills in helping adults recover from past childhood abuse and trauma.

    I have been in direct practice as a licensed clinical social worker for 10 years. In those years I have had the opportunity to help others work through different life challenges. I have worked with families in crisis as a therapist for the Department of Child services. During my work with hospice I helped patients and their families process death and bereavement along with teaching techniques to cope with pain and the declining physical body. I also published and extensively studied spirituality and coping during my academic career.

    Most importantly, I have been there. I was hospitalized with severe mental illness in my teens and many professionals had the bar set pretty low on how much I might recover. I have flown over the bar, and I deeply believe in each human being’s potential to do so. I have worked hard to collect and utilize the tools that help mend broken wings. I am so ready to share.

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