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Couples Therapy

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Julie Addis, CRNA

Julie Addis, CRNA is the founder of South Bend based Ketamine Clinic, Ketamine is Hope.

​Julie has been a compassionate healthcare worker for 34 years and for 24 of those years she has worked as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). 

Julie became interested in Ketamine Therapy when she observed the powerful results it had for a loved one. Julie now offers infusions from the comfort of her South Bend clinic

She is excited to partner with Danika Lowry's Accelerated Couples Therapy and to deliver the benefits of Ketamine experience to couples seeking healing and reconnection.

Watch Julie's feature on WNDU here.


Danika Lowry, LCSW

Danika Lowry, co-owner of The Cottage, has specialized in couples therapy since 2016. In 2019, she started offering Accelerated Couples Therapy and has moved the majority of her practice to this work. 

Danika is always looking for ways to help couples achieve reconnection and growth more quickly so, when Julie proposed Ketamine Integration Therapy, she got on board quickly. 

Like Accelerated Couples Therapy, the benefit of Ketamine Therapy is a deeper experience that allows for more experiential and therefore more lasting change.


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More about ketamine

More about ketamine

More about ketamine

More about ketamine

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