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-we look forward to meeting you-


We're so excited to join you in this healing process. 

Information regarding preparation for and the day of your appointment can be found below. Reach out by e-mail with any questions.


  • How do I know if Intensive Individual Therapy is a good fit for me? 
    Intensive individual therapy is ideal for clients who are currently participating in individual therapy or those who have successfully completed individual therapy. If you would like to discuss your specific situation please schedule a consultation with Danika Lowry.


  • Is Intensive Individual Therapy covered by insurance?​​        
    Intensive therapy is not covered by insurance. Insurance reimbursement for psychotherapy is limited to 60 minute billing codes. It is not possible to bill insurance for any part of this service nor is it possible to provide you with a superbill. 


  • Can I use HSA or FSA funds to pay for services? 
    HSA debit cards or other health related funds should be eligible for use. Verification of this is the responsibility of the client. 


  • Are there times when Intensive Individual Therapy is not a good fit?
    Daily use or heavy intermittent use of any mind altering substance, including alcohol , will limit or hinder results. Additionally, a history of trauma and/or abuse which has not been addressed in ongoing individual therapy is not appropriate for intensive therapy. Intensive Individual Therapy is not a replacement for ongoing psychotherapy. 

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