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How can a dietician help?

A registered dietician can be the perfect compliment to the work you're doing in therapy. Together, we'll take a look at your relationship with food and I'll help you find ways to nourish your body.

Kate Glick, RD, LD

Kate is located at our office in downtown South Bend in the Leighton Office Plaza. 
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Is cutting carbs really advisable? What about intermittent fasting? Why can't I stick to a diet? What does healthy eating really even mean?


Diet-culture is confusing and exhausting. Conflicting messages about food, bodies and diet seem to come at us from every angle.


The word "diet" actually refers to the types of foods that a person habitually eats. Thanks to diet-culture, though, most of us live with a definition that has more to do with restricting our intake or avoiding certain foods because they have been labeled as "bad".  

Working with a Registered Dietitian is a fantastic first-step in finding your way back to your body's natural ability to discern what it wants and needs. Together we can work on changing your relationship with food. From restriction to food freedom, allowing your "diet" to be more about foods you habitually eat to nourish your body and fuel the life you lead and instead of rules and restriction. 


Whether you are wanting to ask specific questions, find more balance in your diet, repair your relationship with food and body,  or dive deep into disordered eating habits, I'm here to help


Kate is a Registered Dietitian with nearly 10 years of experience. Kate's passion is in disordered eating, intuitive eating and individualized nutrition counseling. Kate graduated from Purdue University with a bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics. She completed her internship with Purdue with a focus in childhood nutrition. She sees clients at all stages of life and all levels of nutrition severity. 

What to Expect: 

An initial appointment with Kate will last one hour. During this time Kate will gather information, answer questions, and work with you to decide what next steps make the most sense for you.

Fees and Payment Options

Dietitian services are often not covered by insurance. Kate offers flat-rate services at $140 per hour. Follow up appointments are charged at a rate of $35 for 15 minutes. 

HSA debit cards may be used. Cash, credit/debt, or check are also accepted.

Registered Dietitian - South Bend, Indiana

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