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    Dena Woods, LMT/CYT

    Dena Woods is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga and meditation teacher. She is certified in trauma informed yoga, restorative yoga, Hatha yoga, Yomassage™, meditation and mindfulness facilitation, and reflexology. She holds licenses to practice massage therapy in both the State of Indiana and Michigan and has worked with clients in the wellness industry since 2014. Recently, Dena completed the Trauma Touch Therapy™ Level 1 program at Colorado School of Healing Arts and is in the process of completing her Level 2 externship.

    Using a strengths based approach, Dena crafts all her sessions to meet clients where they are in their healing journey. She teaches yoga classes from a trauma-informed and accessibility perspective: All bodies are yoga bodies. In each class, Dena offers the clients choices by including variations of poses and incorporating props to allow clients to discover safety and comfort in their own bodies. Dena also teaches from a decolonized perspective acknowledging that Westernized whitewashed yoga excludes many people from this very supportive practice. Each class is crafted to honor the roots of yoga while working to disrupt the colonized yoga paradigm by incorporating physical, mental, emotional accessibility for all people. She encourages you to show up as you are, knowing that showing up is sometimes the hardest part, and to trust that showing up as you are is enough.

    Dena holds a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Indiana University and is an artist and musician. She also deeply loves plants and being in nature, and incorporates nature into mindfulness experiences whenever possible. She believes in the power of the mind/body connection and facilitates that connection by including therapeutic touch, yoga, movement, breath work, mindfulness, nature, art and music in her sessions.

    Dena is also a survivor of complex trauma and has been in recovery for C-PTSD since 2016. She is passionate about creating environments of awareness and community support concerning individual and collective trauma impacts, mental health advocacy, and resilience building. Dena specializes in working with clients that experience PTSD and are survivors of religious trauma, sexual violence, and childhood abuse and neglect. Her focus is to work with clients to teach skills and practices that support the healing process and create somatic empowerment.

    Trauma Informed Hatha Yoga

    Available one on one and in class/group format.

    Restorative Yoga

    Available one-on-one and in a class/group format.

    Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    Available one-on-one.


    Available one-on-one.

    Trauma Touch Therapy

    Available as a one-on-one service.

    Current Group Yoga Classes

    Healing Centered Bodywork Services

    Dena offers a variety of services in addition to those named above. Click below for a detailed list of services.