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Yoga for Healing Relationship with Food and Body

Fridays 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

January 27 - March 17

Commit to a new kind of resolution in the coming year.


This eight week trauma informed yoga series is focused on helping healing the relationship with food and body. Research supports that diets have a high rate of causing eating disorders and patterns of disordered eating. In addition to yoga, this class series will include journaling and art. Each class will facilitate mind/body connection and offer nervous system regulation skills. 

Reconnect with your body in the new year in ways that are supportive and compassionate

8 week series •$40 drop in per class • $325 for the series.

Yoga Mats

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The Cottage at 933 in South Bend, Indiana offers trauma touch therapy and trauma informed yoga with Dena Woods
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