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If I’m being completely honest, I must admit I am not sure that the blog life is the life for me. But I think what is propelling me to begin posting is that there is this stirring inside of me to start conversations and perhaps those conversations will be the beginning of a journey for you. Who I am isn’t necessarily significant for your journey, but perhaps knowing just enough about me will help you decide if I’m a place where you feel called and connected.

The first thing you should probably know about me is that I am a therapist. How I got here is an incredible story - for my welcome post, I’ll spare you the long details. What I will tell you is that through the course of becoming, I landed as what I call a "Trauma and Attachment Therapist". Actually when people ask me what kind of therapist I am, I pause for a really long time, stutter a little, and say, “Well, it’s kind of confusing to explain, but the short of it is that I work to help people discover how they connect to their world and others, and ways to heal when it hurts to do so.”

Relationship work is so beautiful and painful all at the same time. When I sit with individuals, couples, and families I get invited into intimate details of peoples’ lives and, in minute glimpses, I grasp the space that draws people together and pulls people apart. Relationships undoubtedly are complicated.

To be raw, this work is so hard. It's a kind of thing that challenges you to your core and sometimes begs the question, "Is there hope?"

Still time and time again people have shown up at my door in the most beautiful ways with the most sacred of stories. It’s difficult to hold the pain, and it is beautiful to witness the healing.

I wish I could say that after all of the research and client hours clocked that I finally have the answers everyone has been looking for. I’m afraid I don’t quite have that. All I really have is a desire to love well and treat fellow humans with dignity. So I suppose that’s where this whole writing journey begins. I have come to realize that not everyone may be in a place where they are seeking out individual therapy. Still my desire to see people seek the love they are worthy of inspires me to start a greater conversation - one that extends outside the doors of my little Cottage at 933.

So if you want to go on a journey to explore humanity and its great desire to love well and be loved well you may have found yourself in the right place. Admittedly, it isn’t really my thing to vulnerably offer up my thoughts to the masses but I think if I’m going to share, I probably ought to share tough. So this blog will journey into the ugly and at times I may sway toward an unpopular direction. It may push on your worldview a little. It might even make you angry from time to time. Or perhaps it will help you to not feel so alone.

Regardless where you land with me, as I tell my personal clients, I’m OK if you can’t find yourself in agreement with me because it’s not about me and it’s definitely not about me being right. I’m here only to share in a way that provokes you to explore your own journey and identity while making space for others and theirs.

Welcome to an exploration. Welcome to a conversation. Welcome to consideration.

Welcome to my blog

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