Thinking about

Couples Therapy?

If you're like most couples you've been thinking about therapy for awhile. You've probably tried a million and one things to fix the relationship and it just isn't working. (For the average couple, there are about seven years between the initial hey-we-might-need-therapy thought and actually scheduling an appointment so if you've waited awhile to get to this point its really okay). I have experience with "this has been going on forever" and "we have the same fight over and over and over and over". 

The human brain is actually wired to resist change. From a survival standpoint, being in a state of change leaves us vulnerable so we >>quite naturally<< avoid it.


The most difficult changes in life often bring the most beautiful rewards. You CAN reconnect with your partner. You CAN have better sex. You CAN find your way back to "the way it was in the beginning" (and maybe even something better than it was in the beginning).

WAs a couples therapist I understand just how deeply individuals and the entire family system can be impacted by a relationship in distress. That's why I have moved all of my work with couples to a model of therapy that can generate results more quickly than traditional therapy.