Andrea Eriks, LMHC



Andrea's takes great care to meet every client exactly where they are with acceptance and compassion. Andrea's passion is working with individuals, families, and couples to help identify areas of disconnect and utilizes clinically proven therapeutic techniques to establish positive and constructive ways to heal trauma, identify and rectify negative and/or disconnecting patterns, and establish healthy ways to reconnect.


In conjunction with talk therapy, Andrea incorporates effective and powerful techniques such as sand tray and mindfulness to help clients connect to one's own self and partner through a deeper emotional experience. One method in particular that Andrea integrates in her practice is a technique called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). This process proves to be highly effective in dealing with traumatic events in both adults and children. Andrea has received basic training in EMDR and is close to completion on her requirements for certification in EMDR.

You may contact Andrea at 419-348-7995. 

Attachment & Trauma

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Group Experience

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LENS Neurofeedback

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